We lead you through economic challenges in continental Europe
aXconda helps you adapt your business in B2B service and manufacturing industries, taking local conditions into consideration, in order to be more successful in your business in troubled times of economic and social transition.

We never try to solve new problems with old thinking.
In order to avoid any 'Brexit' or 'Nokia-effect' in your business, let us give you new perspective on new challenges to be more success in future.

Operative Consulting

Our vision of Operative consulting is to integrate consultancy with management methods to promote your project more effectively.

This approach is well suited for the needs and expectations of mid-size companies, little subsidiaries of major groups, who wish to develop or restructure their business and promote a project.

Cases in which Operative Consulting can be very effective:

  • Beyond the consulting you would like to get management support for implementation to facilitate the work of your existing team.
  • You do not wish to recruit immediately or you only need someone temporary for a specific project.
  • You haven't yet found the right manager
A Consultant who contributes actively in the promotion of your project can then be the right solution.

Expertise in equipment rental industry

- fleet management, improving time utilisation and profits

- damage management, procurement strategies, tariffication

- improvement of the service quality

- customer questioning and measuring customer satisfaction

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